My Favorite Feeling: Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is a special feeling, knowing you will get all that you have wanted and spending it with your family and loved ones.  It’s truly a wonderful experience. In my family, we love opening presents on Christmas morning because it gives us a sense of excitement and deja vu. After all, it’s something we have felt this before, and it’s something we love to experience every year. Ever since we were little kids we knew this day would be filled with receiving special and fun gifts from Santa and our loved ones. Another great feeling is giving to your family and seeing their reaction of giving them what they wanted and them being excited to receive what they wanted. Christmas morning is a magical time for everyone because we love to be surprised by opening presents and seeing that what we asked for is finally here.  I also love the joy of having a big feast with our family.   Then, we open more presents from other family members and thanking them for the little things you receive. The little moments on Christmas are always the best, and it’s a great feeling to see my little siblings’ reactions when they see what they get from Santa and being so excited to open their presents and play with new toys. I also love waking up to all the smells of the food cooking and seeing cookies baked and ready to be eaten on Christmas afternoon after eating breakfast. These feelings are the best when getting up on Christmas morning and opening presents, seeing your siblings reactions to their presents. These are the best things to experience on Christmas morning. 

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