Need a Last Minute Gift? Let Millie Help You!

The coronavirus pandemic has made the gift giving season harder than ever before. If you are stuck on what to get someone, the perfect gift would be a Millie gift card! Millie is an organization that hopes to make philanthropic giving easy for everyone.  You don’t need to be an Andrew Carnegie–with a bottomless wallet–to help non-profit organizations.  Millie helps people turn something as simple as a gift card into a charitable donation.  This gift card may not seem like a lot, but it can be one of the best gifts someone could receive all year.

A Millie gift card is the perfect purchase because this is no ordinary gift. As the buyer, you can choose the amount of money on the card and a funny cover to send to your loved one. After they receive it, they can choose any non-profit organization or charity to give the money to. 

This year has been hard financially for most people, especially for non-profits.  According to the Washington Post, one-third of non-profits are at risk of being underfunded (and closing) due to the pandemic.  By giving to one of the millions of charities or nonprofits available on , you could make someone’s holiday season so much brighter. 

A frequent user of the Millie gift card, Caroline Clark, said it is super easy to purchase and send, as well as use to donate. She also said, “There were so many organizations or charities to give to, it was hard to pick.” 

To purchase your own Millie gift card use the link above or this one: 

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