Senior Profile: Jayci Graham

One of the sweetest and most genuine Lancers has become a senior this year. Although she has not attended Neshannock her whole life, Jayci Graham is still a Lancer through and through. 

Jayci plans to continue her education. She hopes in ten years she has a successful career and is overall just happy. She loves being a senior and getting to plan for her time in college. Since she plans on leaving for college, she is doing as much as she can now of the things she enjoys in her community such as dining in at local restaurants and getting coffee with her friends. She loves writing about anything in her free time. It can be assumed some of that love came from who she found most influential at Neshannock, Ms. Janaszek.  Jayci said, “I find her way of teaching to be very pleasant and her empathy as a person to be very captivating.” Although at home she is most thankful for her mom and the support and love she has shown her throughout her life. 

She lives by the advice that everything that is happening to her is for her highest good, even though it may not feel like it in the moment. When asked to give advice to the later class, she said she would tell them to not be afraid to reach out to a trusted adult for anything, even if it is just to vent. Jayci said if she could start high school again she would and she would push herself to get out of her comfort zone more often. 

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