Worth a Thousand Words

Helping her mother since she was a toddler, Kiara Cardwell grew up with a love and passion for photography. She said that she enjoyed every little detail, from taking pictures to editing to seeing the overjoyed look on clients’ faces as they received tangible freeze frames of their memories.  Her mother was her biggest inspiration, and Kiara knew that she wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a wedding photographer. She interned with her mother up until she graduated high school, soon after that she decided that she wanted to start her own photography business. 

After graduating high school in 2014, she proudly started her first photography business at 19 years old. With years of experience under her belt and a deep passion for photography and everything that came with it, Kiara was ready to begin her career. 

In 2018, Kiara took a break from photography to start her family with her childhood sweetheart. Now twenty five and happily married with two beautiful young children, Kiara is back in business, stating that “Photography has always been my dream and I am currently on the road to making it a long term reality.”

Starting out as a wedding photographer, Kiara wanted to create a name for herself. At the time, Kiara’s mother no longer wanted to shoot weddings, and Kiara decided to pick up where her mother left off. Although wedding photography holds a special place in her heart, Kiara also enjoys shooting family pictures and other events. With her Cannon camera and equipment, Kiara utilizes natural light to shoot her masterpieces. After the photoshoots, Kiara uses Adobe softwares to edit and polish each photo to her liking. 

 With her website still in the making, Kiara has been using social media to showcase her work as well as promote her business until her website is finished. She can be found by searching for “Kiara Cardwell Photography” on Facebook and or Instagram. Like millions of other small businesses, COVID had its harsh effects on Kiaras business, with the financial effects of COVID, Kiara says that many families simply do not have the money for professional pictures. She still shoots as many photos as she can, though she and her clients strictly follow the CDC guidelines of six feet social distancing.

Kiara’s photos are truly something special, she utilizes natural light and innovative ideas, Kiara creates memorable photos that are unique and special. Shown in her “Blind Date Session” Kiara used colored powder to create a beautiful split second capture. The Rouse Wedding uses outdoor scenery and lighting, as well as a regal white bridge to create a formal and gorgeous scene.  The Mangino wedding also uses these effects as well as some masterful editing to create the most dazzling effects. She also incorporated family members into the pictures to make them extra special. Kiara’s skill at taking photos is evident in all her work. In her own words, “Allow me to freeze time for you in the most important moments of your life for you to hold onto forever.” 

Kiara currently lives in and operates out of New Castle PA. She is available for weddings, holiday events, as well as just regular family photos. She can be messaged on each of the previously messaged social media platforms.


Photography courtesy of Kiara Cardwell

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