October 2023 – Dalia Cruz

More than a week after Hamas terrorists poured down thousands of rockets on Israel and invaded the country by air, sea, and land in an unparalleled surprise attack. The region now stands on the brink of war.

The conflict started with a surprise sneak attack on October 7, which included thousands of Hamas fighters breaching a border security fence and aimlessly gunning down Israeli civilians and soldiers taken off guard. Other militants stormed beaches in motorboats and brought death by the sky, descending in on paragliders.

More than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel, and another 3,400 people have been injured. Roughly 200 to 250 hostages were taken by Hamas. At least 3,000 people have been killed in Gaza and about 12,500 have been injured, according to the Palestinian Health Authority.

Israel has responded with a bombardment of airstrikes that have destroyed the Gaza Strip. It left more than 300,000 residents dislocated. Israel has warned more than 1 million Palestinians to move to a safer part of the territory in southern Gaza. If not they could potentially face the rage of 400,000 Israeli soldiers prepped to annihilate Hamas militant units. Many are believed to be hiding in a long network of tunnels under residential neighborhoods.

And many fear those trapped in Gaza, are on the brink of disaster with no electricity or running water, and a food supply that is dwindling by the hour.

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