January Shoe Drive: Do the Loopty-Loop & Your Shoes are Feeling Cool!

Let’s go through a basic morning routine for many individuals.  Wake up and get out of bed. Then, go to the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face.  After that, put on your clothes for the day. Next comes shoes, but what if a nice pair of shoes were not an option?  What if it is cold outside and all you have to wear is a pair of old tennis shoes with holes in them?  What if it’s summer and all you have is a pair of boots?  Many people do not think about these kinds of things.  I didn’t think of this issue–and how essential it is–until Brayden Brooks brought it to my attention that the Neshannock Township Education Foundation will begin a Shoe Drive in January 2020.

Anyone in our school community can participate in this important charitable drive.  Brooks informed me that the shoes have to be lightly used.  Every type of shoe–and every size–is acceptable.  Brooks and the Education Foundation strive for 1000 donated pairs. With a school that has the elementary and high school connected, we have about 1200 students in the school. If almost everyone brings in a pair of shoes, we would easily meet our school’s goal. Not only does it benefit others but, if we get one 1000 pairs of shoes, the school receives $3000 dollars, funds the school can use as it sees fit. In fact, every 1000 pairs translates into $3000 for the school.  Think about how many people we could all help if we just took the time to get rid of some old shoes. Every year, Neshannock comes together and helps support so many different fundraisers, let’s add on to the list and keep doing great things.

The Shoe Drive will start in either late December or early January, and Brooks shared his hope for school involvement. To make the fundraiser a school-wide endeavor, there could possibly be a competition between homerooms to see who can collect the most pairs of shoes. Brooks described the possibility of prizes for the homeroom who collects the most pairs of shoes.  Regardless of the parameters, the Shoe Drive will bring our community together and keep people’s feet warm through the winter! 

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