Club Focus: Forensics

Do you have an interest in journalism and writing? Do you enjoy writing poetry or reading speeches?  Have you ever just wanted to improve your public speaking skills? Then you would love Forensics, a public speaking club here at Neshannock. Forensics is open to all students in grades 7-12.  Four times a year, we take part in competitions with other schools around the area. It’s a wonderful and positive environment to work on your public speaking skills. 

I have been a part of Forensics since ninth grade (I am currently in eleventh grade), and I have enjoyed every second of my time spent with the club. I enjoy writing my own poetry and stories, and I find Forensics to be a great place to share my work, whether it’s at practice with the team, or at a competition with a larger audience. Now to many people it may seem daunting to speak to a crowd of people, but at the competitions, the people could not  be more friendly. Everybody there understands your feelings of nervousness or anxiety. They might even be more nervous than you are. But they always show kindness whether it’s wishing you good luck or congratulating you on a great speech. I cannot tell you how many friends I have made from these competitions. 

I have shared, with audiences at the competitions, countless poems that I have written myself and they are always so thoughtful to come up to me and comment on how it was. It’s just a wonderful environment for sharing work that you either connect to or have created. The team we have here at Neshannock is also a very kind and uplifting team. We always are nice to our competitors from the other schools. Though are team has continued to grow, it is very young. So please come check it out!   We meet nearly every Tuesday in Miss Moss’ classroom (305). We would love to have you join the team!

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