COVID-19: One Mom’s Perspective

Since March, everyone has been struggling to come to terms with COVID-19. This also leads to a big problem for many people.  There seems to be a division between people who follow COVID-19 precautions and try to stay safe, while others believe that COVID-19 isn’t serious enough to follow strict standards. This year has been a crazy one–that is for sure. The year has made many people angry, stressed, upset, and just downright confused. A huge source of the confusion, frustration and even outrage from people came from differing standards and a full lockdown in the spring. Of course, this is the “normal” now during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 is the main thing that has caused  this year to be one of the worst years ever, in recent memory. The virus started in China, and soon spread all the way to the United States. With so many different kinds of advice since the lockdown in March, this causes a lot of stress for people who try to stay safe.  It’s hard for the average person.  To get a sense of this, I interviewed an average Lancer community member–a mother of two who go to our school.  For the purposes of this news story, she wished to share her words but not her name, so that she could speak from the heart.

How did you behave BEFORE the pandemic?  How do you think your behavior has changed?

Her response was as normal as anyone else’s could be, probably the way we all acted before March.  She said, “I was less cautious about touching things, and felt more comfortable to go to public places”.

What was your reaction when you heard about COVID-19?

“I felt that it wouldn’t be [that] bad, and that maybe everything would be under control,” she said.

When COVID-19 got even worse through the months how did you react?

Her response was a little more serious than expected. She said, “I was very cautious of many things, and I never felt comfortable going to places or even having guests over at the house. I cleaned everything that I touched, and forced my kids to do the same.”

How did you feel about schools reopening?

She said, “I think that it’s a good thing that the kids are going back to school so they can learn better, but I hope that they take the precautions necessary to make the school safe for the kids and others.”

When do you hope that there will be a vaccine for COVID-19?

She said, “I feel in my opinion that they will have a vaccine for COVID-19, by the end of the year.” But she also added something that was very interesting. She also said, “Even if we get a vaccine I feel that people will still be very cautious about things for at least a few more months after we get the vaccine.”

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