Professional Profile: Ms. Janaszek

Everyone knows Ms. Leslie Janaszek, and that’s because many Neshannock Students have learned from her one, two, and maybe even three years in high school.  Formerly, she taught the eighth grade English classes, and she currently teaches juniors and seniors.  It is very clear she loves reading, and has for a long time.  From a very young age she knew that her future was as a teacher, as well as teaching older kids. 

Ms. J, celebrating with her children. Photo courtesy of Ms. Leslie Janaszek

She is a very busy woman who works very hard and does her job very well, but what does she do when she isn’t teaching?  Mrs. J, as her students call her, loves walking and listening to audiobooks.  She also has a passion for jigsaw puzzles, and when she was younger she played the organ. Although we know her as the fun and energetic English teacher, she also could have taught Spanish, and she used to be near fluent in the language.  Her decision to become an English teacher came when she went to college. Spanish teachers need to spend time abroad, and she decided against doing so, and pursue a future of spreading her love of literature to younger generations. 

One bit of literature that stands out in her classroom is the Harry Potter Series.  Surprisingly,  before she was exposed to the works,  she disliked the fantasy genre, and abstained from reading such works; however,  that would change in the early 2000s when around Christmas she would get a pile of books from the librarian who snuck in the first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).  Ms. J read it in 3 hours.  Besides getting lost in the Wizarding World,  Ms. J enjoys camping with her kids.  Specifically, a camp on the shores of Lake Erie in a town called Conneaut.  It is very apparent that she loves what she does, hopefully will instill a love of literature in many kids to come.

Ms. J’s “Harry Potter Wall.” Photo courtesy of Ms. Leslie Janaszek

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