Senior Profile: Aminah Harp

I remember the very first time I spoke to Aminah Harp.  We were in ninth grade and in gym class playing volleyball, and I told her that I had the same leggings that she was wearing. It is safe to say that this was not the start of our friendship; in fact we did not become friends until the tenth grade when we sat at the same lunch table. It was here that I discovered just how smart, funny, and kind Aminah Harp really is.


While at Neshannock, Harp has been a part of majorettes, FBLA, and National Honor Society, but her extracurricular activities do not stop there. Outside of school, she volunteers at numerous places like St. Camillus Sunday School and the Holy Spirit Parish food pantry. After high school, Harp plans on furthering her education at an undecided university, most likely majoring in Actuarial Science. In 10 years, she imagines that she’ll have a job in a city as an Actuary, and she’ll own a dog. 


Harp’s favorite subject is math, and she accredits Quizlet to her academic success saying: “Not even joking; it is the main reason I do well in school.” Although she has enjoyed her time in high school, she says that she would not want to do it again, and that she’s ready to work toward and achieve her goals. During quarantine, Harp learned that she can complete work much quicker when she is not distracted. This showed her the importance of time management.   


Aminah Harp would advise her underclassmen to be kind to others because, “it can make a big difference.” Throughout high school, she says that her friends and family have been the most influential to her because they always support her. It does not take long to notice the immense dedication and determination Aminah has. As her friend, I get to witness daily the steps Aminah takes to make the world around her better. Aminah puts her heart into everything she does, and I just know that she will accomplish great things. I am so proud to call myself her friend.

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