Senior Profile: Jason Kramer

The Class of 2021 is experiencing a very odd year. To make the best of it, The Free Lancer will be shining the spotlight on all of our “Covid Class of 2021” students. Jason Kramer is a senior at Neshannock, who has been attending our school since kindergarten. Through his 13 years of school he has played football, baseball, hockey and bowling through Neshannock, and has also had the opportunity to learn many life lessons along the way. 

Kramer has been working for an electrical company for the past few months and hopes to graduate high school and continue his apprenticeship after high school and become a full time electrician. While working, he also is involved on the Neshannock hockey team and has been playing for them for two years now. In his time in quarantine, he spent most of it with friends and working. He has learned how great of a work ethic he has and that he prefers to be doing physical work over school. He is looking forward to senior activities such as prom and senior night, although he is very excited to get to graduate and spend more time working in the electrical field, doing what he loves.

Although Jason loves working and school activities, he is also a family and friend oriented person. He spends a lot of time helping out his family and friends the best he can. He has an amazing support system; however he feels that his grandma has been the most influential to him and pushed him to do his best in life. When asked what advice he would give the freshmen he said:  “Do what makes you happy, and keep your true friends close.” 

There are many more seniors in Neshannock High School; however, Jason Kramer and the rest of the class of 2021 will be greatly missed in our halls when this school year comes to a close!

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