Neshannock’s Signature Condiment

Neshannock is a well known school for many different ways. We are loved by the community for our students’ academic achievements, Varsity Football games, well put together musicals, and even our Lancer Lunatics sections at basketball games from years past. But there is something else Neshannock is well known for among its students and even teachers. In our cafeteria there is nothing really out of the ordinary from any other high school lunchroom in the state, or even the country. But the one thing that truly stands out…is the ranch dressing.

The ranch at Neshannock has become a school lunch necessity, being used as a dipping sauce or a dressing for nearly every offered meal. Whether it is put on the delicious grilled chicken salad, in the chicken bacon ranch wrap, or being used to dunk the seasoned fries in, we always find a way to include this amazing condiment in a meal.

Current Neshannock students have expressed their love for the ranch. They have said that the ranch is elite and it “hits different”. Some even compare it to the ranch from any high end restaurant that offers the dressing. Others have admitted that they use it for almost every school meal, even dipping their pizza crusts in it. A famous moment for the class of 2021 featuring the condiment would be Logan Shawley dipping his pizza burger in the ranch, as he remarked how delicious it was.

Former students Ryan Rich and Maliyah Flamino (both in the Class of 2020) also expressed their love for the ranch. Rich enthused that it was the best ranch he has had in his life. He also said, “it’s definitely an 11/10 rating”. While Flamino stated that the ranch is very good, and she added, “for ranch lovers like me it was always the best with lunch.”

Even the Senior High Principal, Mr. Luca Passerelli, commented on our school’s favorite condiment. He told me how much he enjoys our school’s lunches, and their ranch, stating, “I’ve heard everything is better with bacon, but everything is even better with the ranch from our kitchen.” He also pointed out that our Cafeteria & Food Service does a nice job, and do they ever!

When I spoke with Cafeteria & Food Service regarding the ranch, they understood our excitement. When I asked, they told me that it is their homemade ranch. And that it’s a special secret recipe that we may never know.

The excitement cannot be overstated with the infamous Neshannock ranch, I highly recommend trying it out if you never had the chance! 

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