Senior Profile: Bailey Nocera

With a more than chaotic year, everyone, especially our seniors, are trying to make it the best it can be. While wishing she was more active and productive in quarantine, Bailey Nocera is trying to make the most of her year. “It goes by so fast. Try and enjoy it as much as you can,” she encourages underclassmen. 

Taking quarantine free time for granted, she learned to cherish time with friends. “I’m trying to hang out with my classmates more,” Bailey comments. She looks forward to spending all of her last highschool moments with her best friends and classmates. 

 Looking back at her years spent, Bailey recalled her favorite high school memories. She is a part of cheerleading and tennis and always enjoys cheering for the Friday night football games. “Then being able to celebrate with my friends after was always really fun,” Bailey explained.

While making the most of highschool is fun, she has plans set out for her future. After highschool, Bailey plans to major in early education and go into teaching. “I really think that teachers have a big influence on kids’ lives so I wanted to be a part of that,” she said about her career path. Enjoying babysitting and kids in general motivated and inspired her.

Playing big roles in her life, Bailey named her parents as being the most influential in her life. When needing help, she looks out to them for help. “They help me make a lot of my decisions,” she said. 

Even though it’s a mess of a year, Bailey noted, “Everything happens for a reason.”

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