Senior Profile: Julia Germond-Loudon

I first met Julia in kindergarten at Saint Vitus School, I remember that we sat pretty close to each other, and that she always had the cutest bows in her hair. After that year, Julia transferred to a different school, and I did not think that our paths would ever cross again; that was until Spanish I in 9th grade. I was brand new to the school then, and did not really know anybody, but Julia was so welcoming and always included me in her conversations; however, it wasn’t until the next year that our friendship would blossom into what it is today. Julia is exactly the type of person you want as a friend, she is always there for you, she knows exactly how to lift you up, and she is fun! Julia is a one in a million person, and I am so lucky that I have gotten to know her so well. 

One of the first things I noticed about Julia was her dedication, she always gives 100%; whether it be in her classes, activities, or to others. Julia accredits her parents for this saying: “they encouraged me to get good grades, and apply myself to different things.” Authenticity is another key part of who Julia is, she never tries to change herself just to fit in, and she encourages those around her to be true to themselves as well. Throughout high school, Julia’s biggest influences were Mrs. D and Mr. Micsky: “Mrs. D was like my therapist, I would just go talk to her everyday. Mr. Micsky pushed me to realize that I am more capable than I like to think.” Throughout our friendship, Julia has inspired me to become a better version of myself, and to always remain true to who I am because life is too short to be living for others.

After senior year, Julia is going to be continuing her education at Clarion University, where she plans to study science education. Science has always been Julia’s favorite subject because she “likes to understand why things work the way they do.” Already in life Julia has accomplished so many amazing things, the sky is truly her limit. I am excited for the future Julia has in store because I know that it will benefit so many people. Being a part of Julia’s journey has been a privilege, and I cannot wait to see where the next stop is for her!

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