Senior Profile: Olivia Magusiak

Planning to continue her education, Olivia Magusiak is ready to experience a new part of life. That doesn’t come without reflecting back at the years spent at Neshannock.

She’s a part of Peer Leadership and also enjoys taking part in Yearbook. Taking pictures and sharing the results are a favorite for her. “I love being part of something so big for our school,” she stated about Yearbook.

It’s no secret to everyone that COVID threw a wrench in many people’s plans.When asked about self reflection during COVID, she advised, “No matter what, keep in contact with your friends. It’s times like this when we need them most.”

Trying to make the most of her senior year, Olivia attended the senior night football game and is taking advantage of every opportunity she gets.  In ten years she sees herself graduating school or working in her chosen field.

Going through high school came with its influential figures. Olivia describes Mrs. Lucas as someone who always believed in her. Mrs. Lucas encouraged her to better and achieve it. Olivia also told of the good influence from her grandma. “She’s always been here for me and wanted to see me succeed. She’s my rock,” Olivia explained. 

However, looking back at highschool years leaves some things to be desired. “I’d definitely try to apply myself more in classes and not worry about so many things I used to worry myself with,” Olivia explained. To all the freshmen in years to come, she gives the advice of not letting others tell you what you can and can’t do. “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve it,” she adds.

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