SENIOR PROFILE: Tiffany Fulkerson

Tiffany Fulkerson:  my best friend in kindergarten and my best friend now. When we met in St. Vitus kindergarten all those years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact the girl sitting next to me would have on my life. When she came to Neshannock in 9th grade, it was a blast from the past! In 10th grade we got really close and became closer friends with Aminah Harp and Tori Shultz. All of us sat at the same lunch table and bonded over classes, homework, a guy named Tommy, and other things that are now inside jokes. 

We all hung out regularly and became big parts of each other’s lives. But, not everything has been easy. Last year, I lost my grandmother in September; Tiffany and the other girls were there for me. That same winter, Tiffany tragically lost her mom. The girls and I went to the hours and any other service we could to be there for Tiffany and her sisters. After those experiences and other hard times, we learned just how important our friendship was to each other. 

In the future, Tiffany will continue her education at a college or university of her choice. She sees herself in ten years living in a city like Pittsburgh and owning an English bulldog. Throughout her schooling career she has had many influences in and out of school. In school Tiffany said, “There are so many teachers and people who have made school more enjoyable for me. Some faculty would be Mrs. Moss, Ms. Manos, and Mrs. D.” Out of school though, her biggest influence was her late mother. She said, “She passed away a year ago, but in just 16 years, she managed to teach me so much about life. My mom never doubted my capabilities and she endlessly believed in me, and all of my siblings. Even though she isn’t physically here with me, the influence she had on my life will never go away, she’s forever my role model. “

Tiffany is making the most of senior year by spending time with her friends to make this messed up year seem more normal. Her advice to the freshmen is, “to enjoy their time in high school! I am not really that extroverted, so my friends had to coerce me to dances and football games, but I am really glad they did because those are some of my favorite memories.¨ 

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