Senior Profile: Ava Horn

Sweet, outgoing, and school spirited is just a few ways to describe one of Neshannock’s outstanding seniors, Ava Horn. Horn has been attending Neshannock since Kindergarten and has definitely stayed involved. Horn has been on Neshannock’s tennis team for the past four years.  She’s active in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Spanish club, National Honors Society, and she plays piano and sings. Although I am not sure how she finds the time, she also loves to travel to new places. Horn is enjoying her last year of high school making new memories with friends, planning her next step in life by applying to colleges, and of course counting down the days to when she gets to walk across the stage. She hopes to further education after high school to become a pharmacist or a physician’s assistant. 

Although COVID hit the whole world hard, Horn decided to take what life gave her and take a positive spin on things. The pandemic has taught Horn to always make the most out of the small moments in life. She always tries to give out the advice that “life is not about who you once were. It is about who, you are now, and who you have the potential to be”. When asked to give advice to a freshman who is coming into the high school she says it is most important to be true to yourself, always be kind and understanding, and make an effort to reach out to new people. 

Horn has always had amazing people in her life that had her back no matter what. She views Mrs. Patton, her second grade teacher, as the most influential person in her school life. Horn says Patton always had a positive attitude and had genuine concern for her students. Although she finds her parents to be the most influential in her life. Her mother has taught her how to be positive in even the toughest situations and to also be kind to others. Horn says her mother also helped her set high goals for herself and to push herself to achieve them. Horn’s father has taught her how to appreciate the small things in life and how to be a provider for the family she hopes to have of her own in the future. 

When Horn was asked if she could start her high school career over again would she, her answer was no. She feels that she made the best out of her years and cannot wait to move on to the next chapter in her life. 

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