Morgan Farley is a senior with great compassion and a giant heart. She designed the senior profile piece project for her fellow classmates because she felt that this year was extremely lacking. She said that many of her classmates were upset that they had lost homecoming, football games, and even just being present in school. Morgan says that she created this project wanting to give seniors something special for them to remember. 

Morgan plans to attend Youngstown State University and she hopes to become an elementary teacher (preferably special education). She worked for two years as a teacher’s assistant in both special education and pre-k classes, and she has worked as a tutor for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. She said that her favorite part about being a senior is being able to act as a mentor for other grades. In school, Morgan said she was most influenced by Mrs. Devincentis, saying that Mrs. D gave her guidance and helped her find opportunities like teacher assisting and tutoring. Morgan’s favorite school subject is math, especially Algebra. Morgan says that math comes easily because it’s so straightforward. 

Outside of school, Morgan enjoys spending time with her family. This year, due to COVID, Morgan says she was able to do all sorts of activities with her family and friends, she went fishing, walking, and rode quads. She said that together with her family she made the best of the time they had together. The family member that inspired her the most is her grandmother, saying she is her biggest supporter and always pushes her to be her best.  When asked what her favorite food was, Morgan said that she did not really have one, but if she had to choose, it would be chicken nuggets. Morgan was not as indecisive on her favorite drink choice though, expressing her love for lemonade. Morgan enjoys all types of music, though her favorites are country and oldies. When it comes to cinema, Morgan loves the TV show Friends and the movie The Notebook. 

Morgan’s advice to younger students is to not care about what others think, she says that high school flies by, so each student should live those years to the fullest. When asked whether she would want to relive high school, she was unsure, but she said that she wished she participated in more school activities and sports. All in all, Morgan Farley is a fun loving, intelligent, considerate person who is always down to lend a hand. Her greatest advice? “The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead of you, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.”

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