Streaming vs. 2020


With the COVID vaccine ready and people getting the shot, it almost feels like the horror that 2020 brought us is finally coming close to ending. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since lockdown around the world. And in that year, I’m sure almost everyone was spending that time watching streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. But this begs the question, what is the best streaming service? 

Looking for a good streaming service depends on how many movies/TV shows are on it, how much it costs, and how many originals it has. Netflix is easily the most popular of all the streaming services. Out of all the other streaming services, pretty much everyone has Netflix. The originals in the service are great, but it feels like Netflix tries to get as many things on as possible, making the quality of some projects not very good. Disney Plus is more popular than Netflix in one way. The originals they have are much better and have gotten a lot of popularity. Hulu is based more on live TV, but they still have a great library of films and shows. However, the overall presentation is kind of messy and it’s a little hard to find movies you want to watch.

These three streaming services are the ones that have been used most during the height of the pandemic. It’s a little hard to tell which of these three streaming services is the best, but we can find out with the information we have. Hulu has good content on it, but it focuses too much on live TV, and does not have many originals. Disney Plus has a good variety of content and great originals. But if you want to spend all of quarantine NOT watching Disney movies, then Disney Plus isn’t the best choice. Netflix has many things for people, and in my opinion it’s the best streaming service out of the three.

Netflix has many good shows and movies, but the variety of content is really the reason why it’s the best out of all the streaming services.

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