What on Earth is a Horoscope?

If you are wondering: “What on Earth is a horoscope?” you will be shocked to find that horoscopes actually have nothing to do with Earth. In fact, they deal with the stars… your stars to be specific! A horoscope is an astrological sign assigned to a person based on their date of birth. The horoscope itself is based on the planetary positions of the moon, the sun, and all of the planets in our solar system. In total there are twelve signs that a person can fall under. Everyone has their own sign, and through this sign, you can learn not only about what your personality may be like, but you can also learn about what element represents you, what Greek god you are connected to, advice based on whether you are male or female, and you can even learn what other signs you may be platonically and romantically compatible with! Through your horoscope, you can learn all about yourself and others! Before getting into each sign and its description though, I would like to note that the descriptions of personalities of the signs are purely for fun and are not to be taken seriously. 


A person born between January 20th and February 18th is an Aquarius. This sign is associated with the element of air. Aquariuses are described as highly intelligent and problem solvers. An Aquarius looks at all aspects of a problem and presents an original solution. They can be timid, but also have boundless energy and love to be around groups of people. Aquarius’ are open to change and are deeply progressive. Aquarius’ can be aloof and uncompromising though, and they are very susceptible to boredom. The symbol for Aquarius is the Egyptian glyph for water or river. 


A person born between February 19th and March 20th is a Pisces. This sign is associated with the element of water. A Pisces is described as being very giving and always there for other people. They are compassionate, empathetic and selfless, and they are extremely forgiving. Pisceses are drawn to the more artistic side of life and tend to enjoy different types of music. A Pisces can tend to be overly trusting, and fearful, and they are deeply impacted by cruelty of any kind, whether to themselves or someone/thing else. The symbol for Pisces is two fish that are tied together, supposedly representing the duality of a Pisces. 


A person born between March 21st and April 19th is an Aries. This sign is associated with the element of fire. Arieses are energetic and competitive, and are always the first to show up. They are known for having an almost childlike amount of energy their whole entire lives. Arieses work very well with others and are great at multitasking. They are natural leaders and always find intelligent solutions to problems. Having so much energy can lead to an Aries becoming impatient, and they can become aggressive and competitive in situations. The symbol for Aries is the head of a ram, referencing the Ancient Greek story of the Golden Fleece as well as the Aries constellation. 


Those born between the dates April 20th and May 20th are a Taurus. This sign is associated with the element of earth. Taurus’ are hardworking and they are practical and realistic when it comes to life. They are extremely reliable, and they are always committed to the things they say they are going to do. They are very good at making money and are always working hard to make money. Tauruses are not good with change though, they tend to become stuck in their ways and have a hard time letting go. The symbol for Taurus is the head of a bull, and is associated with nature. 


Those born between the dates May 21st and June 20th are a Gemini. This sign is associated with the element of air. Geminis have a two-in-one personality, and they can go from being very serious to being happy go lucky. Geminis are very talented in the arts-especially writing- due to their flexibility. They always love new friends and people and they spend their lives looking for new relationships. Geminis can be inconsistent, or indecisive. The signs for Gemini are a pair of Greek twins or companions. 


Those born between the dates June 21st and July 22nd are a Cancer. This sign is associated with the element of water. Cancers are deeply emotional people, and they are sensitive and care deeply about their family and friends. They are extremely loyal and are always ready to support a friend. Cancers are ruled by their hearts and need to be around harmonic and loving people. Cancers can sometimes be very impatient. They also tend to try and avoid conflict-to the extreme- and can suffer from mood swings. The sign for Cancer is a crab’s claws, though they are also interpreted as the sun and moon, which represent balance. 


Those born between the dates July 23rd and August 22nd are a Leo. This sign is associated with the element of fire. A Leo is very dominant, they are natural leaders with a flair for dramatics and creativity. They always strive to achieve their dreams and are extremely brave. They have large groups of friends due to their loyalty and humor. Leos tend to be stubborn and can become inflexible at times. Some can become arrogant or self-centered. The sign for Leo is a lion, though it is often simplified to just be a circle with a curved line surrounding it. 


Those born between the dates August 23rd and September 22nd are a Virgo. This sign is associated with the element of earth. Virgos tend to be shy and quiet. They are very hardworking, sometimes to the point of not giving themselves days to themselves. Virgos are very kind, but their hearts are normally closed off, so someone wishing to befriend a Virgo would have to work on them. Virgos are analytical and tend to look at things with a practical view. They are also extremely aware of details, and they painstakingly work to make sure everything is perfect. Virgos tend to worry too much, and–being perfectionists–can be bothered by small details out of place. The sign for Virgo looks like a fancy letter “M.” 


Those born between the dates September 23rd and October 22nd are a Libra. This sign is associated with the element of air. Libras love having a friend, and need balance in their lives in order to be happy. They are peaceful and love everyone, and have a strong sense of justice. Libras work hard to keep the peace and avoid conflict when they can. They love to be around intelligent people and are drawn to books. Libras can be indecisive and tend to hold grudges. The sign for Libra, the balance scale, is also used to represent justice. 


Those born between the dates October 23rd and November 21st are a Scorpio. This sign is associated with the element of water. Scorpios are described as being great leaders as they are dedicated and fierce. They are decisive, passionate, resourceful, and assertive. They are true friends and will always keep a friend’s secret. Scorpios are very open with their emotions, and they are very in tune with the emotions of others. Scorpios can be distrusting though. They can also be secretive and jealous. The symbol for Scorpio is a letter “M” with a scorpion’s tail at the end. 


Those born between the dates November 22nd and December 21st are a Sagittarius. This sign is associated with the element of fire. Sagittarius’ are very in tune with the language of humor, they are always able to make others laugh. They are also very curious about their surroundings and tend to enjoy traveling. They are extroverted, enthusiastic, and very open to change. Sagittarius’ can be impatient, aggressive, and they tend to promise more than they can actually deliver. They can also be very blunt, and say things that they do not realize are rude or unacceptable for a conversation. This bluntness makes them mediocre speakers. The sign for Sagittarius is an arrow, which is a simplified version of the warrior. 


Those born between the dates December 23rd and January 19th are a Capricorn. This sign is associated with the element of earth. Capricorns are very serious, and they are the epitome of responsibility. They are always on a schedule and are disciplined. They have excellent manners and have great self-control. They are always making plans and are independent. They are the perfect employee as they always strive to do their best in an organized manner. They learn well from their mistakes and are always improving on themselves. Capricorns can be stubborn or uptight about things though. They are also very pessimistic and unforgiving about the past. The sign for Capricorn is a goat with a fish tail, but the way the sign is drawn tends to vary. 

Each sign is individually special in its strengths and weaknesses, and all have positive and negative traits. In order to learn more information about your specific zodiac sign you can visit this site: https://www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com/ 

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