How Heartbreak Can Really Affect Teenagers

Heartbreak is probably one of the worst things a teenager should have to endure. Heartbreak can crush a young person’s soul and spirit. Many teenagers have had to go through it and if you asked them, they’d tell you it was one of the worst things they’ve had to go through.

Romantic relationships are common in teens ages 15-18. A study shows that 23 percent had experienced heartbreak in the prior six months. Breakups are the number 1 cause of suicides among young people. In another study, 40 percent experienced clinical depression following the end of a romantic relationship and another 12 percent reported moderate to severe depression. Symptoms following breakups were as follows: sleeplessness, substance use, self-harm, and intrusive thoughts. Relationship loss also shows reactions similar to those having drug withdrawal. Many adults may write these types of things off, but they are a very serious matter that teens experience every day.

Teens today will withdraw themselves for small reasons, but heartbreak is a big one and may be one of a few reasons teens today are the way they are. Heartbreaks can have such an impact on teens that they could affect a person’s social, and academic life and cause a teen’s grades to plummet drastically. The sad thing about all of this is that there is not much research being done on this sort of topic. Some teens were shown to have grown from this situation while others deteriorated. Either way, this topic should be taken more seriously and taken into consideration.

If you are an adult, the next time you think your teen has been drawn out and you want to lecture them, try to find the source of the problem. The very problem could very possibly be this situation right here and you could try to help your teen and be there for them rather than give them trouble and add to their plate.

If you are a teen struggling with heartbreak and need someone to talk to, always go to a trusted adult whether it be a family member, teacher, school counselor, or sports coach: you are never alone. Many teens and adults suffer from heartbreak every day and begin to develop depression over time when they don’t seek the help they need. I would even suggest maybe talking to your parents about going to a therapist. This is a very serious matter and no one should ever endure it alone. Current COVID regulations can also take a hand in people feeling isolated after a breakup, because many people may not be able to reach out to others. 

Even if this is the case, you can still talk to your guidance counselor via Google Meet or e-mail. Never be afraid to ask for the help you need: there are many ways to reach out and find help. Even though it may be hard during this time of isolation there are resources available, including online and various hotlines you can call as well. 

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