Are Video Games Dangerous?

Videogames are a good way to pass time and enjoy oneself, but too much of something can be a bad thing. Video games are entertaining but can also negatively affect young kids’ minds, and here’s how.

  1. Many kids spend their time playing video games and not outside getting the exercise they need, which could lead to kids becoming overweight.
  2. Video games can also affect a kid’s education and if they are too busy focusing on the game their grades could plummet. In fact, in a study, 45 adolescents who played video games for only 30 minutes immediately lowered their frontal lobe development on their brain. The dopamine released that comes from gaming can be so powerful that it can almost shut down the prefrontal region of your brain.
  3. The action-entertainment games attract young people with focus, attention, and anger issues and tend to reinforce those bad behaviors. Kids with anger issues and behaviors tend to draw more towards violent games and these games show a link between their behavior and the way they act. These kids with this type of behavior who play this game for only 10-20 minutes showed an increase in aggressive thoughts compared to those who do not play those types of games.

Kids today should try to play fewer video games and pursue more outside activities; it keeps them more active and gives them a more healthy body. Similarly, violent video games in particular can negatively affect a child’s attitude and behaviors pretty quickly. Violent video games can also lead children to believe that the actions shown in the games are okay, and they could easily start to act out in negative and violent ways.

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