Underclassmen Bucket List

Dear Underclassmen, 

  As the Class of ´21 wraps up their years at Neshannock, they wanted to share some experiences that they think will help you to make the most of your time here. Like a bucket list, you do not have to do everything listed below, but the seniors think these experiences will help to make your time special! 

In-School Activities

  • Try the cafeteria pizza, ranch, and Italian dressing.
    • Almost everyone can agree that it is a must. From ranch dipped fries to salads drenched in Italian dressing, our cafeteria does offer a lot of delicious foods/ toppings! 


  • Get involved.
    • The best way to make new friends, go on exciting trips, and try new things is to get involved in one of the many clubs at the school! There are tons of opportunities for you to showcase your talents in at least one club. Plus, it looks good on college and scholarship applications.

  • Join or try out for a sport. 
    • A good way to stay active is to join a sports team here at Neshannock. Even if you don’t think you’re athletic, it never hurts to try! You never know, you could be the next WPIAL champion or athletic superstar! 


  • Participate in school events. 
    • Participating in events can be a lot of fun, and create a lot of good memories! Whether it be pajama day, a pep rally, or other similar events, these can be lots of fun, and another way to express yourself.

Outside of School Activities

  •  Go to the dances. 
    • It might seem obvious to go to dances, but some people don´t go. So many people say they regret not going, and those that do go say they had such a good time. You don’t have to have the most expensive outfit or get your hair professionally done, it’s about the memories!

  • Go to athletic events/ games.
    • Just like the dances, this is all about the memories! Being there when the Lancers win the big game is such an exciting experience; you HAVE to be there. Getting to participate in Lunatic cheers/ chants, jumping around to the team’s warm-up music, and getting to watch the nail-biter games are a must.


  • Go to the musical.
    • These student productions are something to see! Getting to watch your friends and peers perform is such a fun experience. The amount of time and effort that goes into these shows can be seen with how great the performances are. These shows are a must-see.

Personal Activities

  • Try new things.
    • Finally, to get the most out of high school, you have to try new things! You don’t want to graduate with any regrets about missed opportunities. Whether it be trying a new sport or club, going to a dance, or sitting with someone new at lunch, you never know what will come out of it.
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