Students, Teachers Have Much in Common When it Comes to First Day Back

It may be the start of the fall, but I’ll bet you can still remember the start of school! 

Picture this:  You are walking through the school doors again after a nice long three-month break. Some students may feel refreshed and ready to get back into the routine of things. However, you may see many other students crying on their way in the door on the first day. 

As a senior at this school, I can say that teachers are the nicest on the first day of school and I think many other students would agree with me. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to know:  Are they that ready to start their jobs up again? They had a break just like we did. Being excited to wake up early, deal with kids all day, go to meetings, and grade tests just does not seem right. Yes, it is their job but getting back into the swing of things is not as enjoyable as some teachers make it seem. 

As a way to provide more opinions on this matter, I had Caitlin Kurutz and Haley Montague (both Class of 2022) interview some of our students and faculty. In these interviews, they asked everyone how they felt on the first day of school. 

Addie Watts (Class of 2022) stated,

¨I am ready to get back into the routine of things and see my friends on the daily. However,  I am not excited about the workload and I am nervous about having new teachers.¨

Mr. Cavalier responded very optimistically and kept it short by stating,

¨I am excited to be back for my twenty-seventh year at Neshannock.¨

Sabrina Fee (Class of 2022) sounded more stressed out when she stated,

¨I was nervous that the teachers would not like me and if there would be more homework this year.¨

Mrs. Clark put a special play on her words when she described the first day of school for her as ¨organized chaos¨.  She also put into perspective how the seventh graders must feel coming into the high school for the first time.

She ends her interview by stating ¨It’s a lot, but magically we get it done.¨

In Sam Bessell’s (Class of 2022) interview, he seemed to be very optimistic when he very clearly stated,

¨On the first day of school I felt excited and also a little bit nervous about what I was preparing for in my year here at Neshannock Junior/Senior Highschool. I am in the tenth grade and I am fifteen years old, almost sixteen. My birthday is in October and I plan to drive to school.¨

Seems that Sam has a lot to look forward to during this school year. 

Mrs. Kross stated ¨At the beginning of the day I was very excited and ready to get started. However, as the day continued I got tired, but it was a great first day.¨

Will Morgan (Class of 2023) got the short end of the stick when he described his first day.

Will stated ¨I was very happy to get back and see all my friends, but when I walked into the building and started going to all my classes I got depressed. My schedule was also messed up so I was confused, late to my classes, and very unhappy.¨

Ms. Book had a very good attitude in her interview.

“It’s always great to get back to the first day of school and welcome students. I enjoy meeting my new students and greeting students that I have had in the past. I hope everybody has a great school year!¨

These interviews are a few examples of how some people in the school feel. Some teachers are ready to get back into the swing of things. Other teachers admit that they are ready, but it is a stressful day and they also end up getting tired. Many of the students admitted they were excited but nervous too. That is unless you are Will Morgan who seemed to have a terrible first day of school. Overall everyone is forced to go to school whether they like it or not, it’s just how each person views it and what they make of it. 

Now that we are all “back in the swing of things” maybe we feel a bit different!

(Additional Reporting by Caitlin Kurutz, Class of 2022 and Haley Montague, Class of 2022)


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