Political Action at Any Age: The Value of Volunteering

Who would you vote for if you could? Many people answer this question boldly and in a way everyone can see: yard signs. Innocent as they may seem, political yard signs are causing tension among neighbors all across America. 

Most adults in America today have a political opinion. As do many teens, though most of us are too young to vote. One way young teens can make an impact, politically, is volunteering. One way you can volunteer is passing out signs. 

In this system, people call the office or organization which is in charge of sign distribution, give a name and address and ask that a sign be delivered to their house. Then, a volunteer will come to the office, pick up signs and a list of names and addresses, and deliver the signs. This is perfect for kids who can’t yet vote, but can drive or who’s parents also want to help with a cause. Although passing out signs isn’t any type of heroic act, it could help influence someone to educate themselves on the candidates and their views or even to vote. 

There are comparatively more voters both strongly opinionated enough and willing to display signs this year compared to 2016. Mr. Sam Baker of the Lawrence County Democratic Party said, “We could not even find Hillary signs, much less people who were willing to display them”, of the 2016 election (Trump v. Clinton). The organization has distributed well over 1,000 Biden/Harris signs across Lawrence County this year. 

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