Professional Profile: Mrs. Lucas

Shawn Lucas is a genuine person who is open and honest with her students, which allows them to make personal connections with her. Getting a new teacher can seem scary and might lead a student to believe that a teacher could be mean. Once in their classroom, most students are surprised that those assumptions were completely false. Teachers here at Neshannock are known to push their students to reach their full capabilities within the classroom as well as being extremely friendly and helpful.

Mrs. Lucas and her family. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lucas

As a high school student, Mrs. Lucas describes herself as a bookworm but says her graduating class was close to each other so she had a lot of friends. Growing up, she enjoyed reading, hiking, and spending time outdoors, which she still does today. She attended Edinboro University and worked part time jobs throughout the years on campus. Now as a teacher, Mrs.Lucas says she can see herself in the students she teaches or interacts with here in the school. 

At Neshannock, she teaches World Cultures (honors and regular), Drivers Education, and Yearbook. According to Mrs. Lucas, her favorite class to teach changes all the time. World cultures surprised her though, because in high school she did not like world cultures as much as US history. As a yearbook advisor, Mrs. Lucas said the most difficult thing to do every year is to train all the new students how to use the software and cameras. 

Mrs. Lucas’ dog, Peanut, keeps things shipshape. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lucas

Mrs.Lucas says she considers her students as a part of her family. At home, she has a big family too, and is really close to her siblings. Her own family consists of her husband, to whom she has been married to for 31 years, and her two grown sons. Over the years she has also had many pets, ranging from cats and dogs to fish and hamsters. Currently, she has a dog named Peanut. She said as a mother, she did not want to dictate what kind of people her sons would be because her mother did the same thing to her. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she and her husband both worked at home. This brought on a whole set of new challenges for them. To escape, they went to their lake house on Conneaut Lake and stayed in contact with family friends. Over the summer she sadly had to cancel her trip to Europe. She planned on visiting Ireland and Germany to visit her foreign exchange daughters. 

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