Top 6 Holiday Cookies

Can’t think of what cookies to make for your friends or family this year? Here are six of the greatest cookies for the holidays. 


  1. Sugar cookies- A timeless classic, sugar cookies are a fun holiday treat that tastes delicious. Sugar cookies only have about eight ingredients depending on what recipe you use, so they are an easy cookie to make. Also if you have cookie cutters, then you can make fun shapes that you can decorate with icing later. 
  2. Thumb Prints- These cookies are a unique jam filled cookie and are a total Christmas classic. The cookie itself is hard like a shortbread, and you can fill the middle with whatever type of jam you want, though raspberry is generally the jam to use. (Blackberry is really good too!)
  3. Pizzelle– They are well known in our area–maybe not all over the country–but that doesn’t mean they aren’t superb. Pizzelles are a thin Italian cookie that can come in many different flavors, including vanilla, anise (licorice), lemon, almond, and many more. They are an easy cookie to make, there are not many steps to them, but you will be required to have a special piece of kitchen equipment, a pizzelle iron. After they’re all done, they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar for a little extra flavor. 
  4. Chocolate Chip– An all time favorite cookie. These are not just for the holidays, but if your Christmas cookie tray is looking a little sparse then these are the perfect filler to bolster up your tray! They can be baked in different forms as well, you can have them as a traditional cookie, or you can bake them like a brownie and have chocolate chip cookie bars. 
  5. Peanut Butter Blossoms– A yummy cookie with a Hershey kiss in the middle! A Christmas cookie that everyone without a nut allergy can enjoy. Hershey kisses are not the only thing that can be placed in the middle, you can put caramel, mint chocolate, peanut butter cups or other small candies to customize them to your liking. 
  6. Italian Ricotta Cookie (aka:Cream Cheese Wedding Cookies)-These cookies are a small tasty cookie that are topped with delicious icing. The Ricotta cheese can be replaced by cream cheese.  Ricotta cheese takes on the flavor of whatever it is placed with, while cream cheese creates a bitey flavor.   It is all in personal preference though. These cookies can be topped with cute sprinkles for a Christmas finish. 
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