Senior Profile: Samantha Schirf

Samantha Schirf has been a sweet soul, attending Neshannock since kindergarten. Sam is one of those people you could always count on. If you have an issue with school, in your personal life, or just simply want someone to talk to, Sam is always there. Sam has kept a busy schedule throughout high school,  staying involved in things through the school, being on a local swim team, and staying busy with friends. 

Sam plans to continue her education through college and she hopes to become an English teacher. Throughout her school years, she has found to fall in love with the yearbook class the most. Sam felt this class let her focus on her own creativity and pursue all of the things she is most passionate about. Sam also most connected with one of our high school teachers, Mrs. Lucas, who happens to also be the yearbook advisor. She feels if she ever needed anything, Mrs. Lucas would be there. 

Although the yearbook has kept her quite busy, Sam is also heavily involved with the LCYMCA swim team. She is captain of the swim team and also a member of the Neshannock swim team. Whenever Sam can find time in her busy schedule, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. She enjoys having a small friend group that she gets the chance to hang out with often, 

COVID has taught Sam that her mental health is the most important, and it has also taught her many ways to work on improving her mental health. She lives by the advice of treating others with kindness and that will place more kindness around yourself. If she could change one thing about high school, it would be to have cared less what others thought and just enjoyed her short years at Neshannock. 


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